First Generation Farmers is a non-profit community farm located in Brentwood, California. We work toward our mission of facilitating food access along with our new and beginning farmers through our core sustainable agriculture programming, implementation, and education.


The goal of our partnership with WWOOF-USA is to provide farm explorers a place to participate in day-to-day operations on FGF’s organic, bio-dynamic, holistic, and socially just working farm. Farm explorers stay a minimum of two months receiving an intensive farm experience.

Farmer Incubator Program

Our Farmer Incubator Program nurtures the next generation of producers who will address food security issues, contribute to habitat and land conservation, and bring more of our country’s land into production.​

The FGF Farm

The FGF Farm is a 12-acre full-production working farm serving as a training tool for volunteers, farm explorers, interns, and incubators while providing fresh, locally produced food.

The FGF Campus

The FGF Campus is located about 10 miles from The Farm. The Campus is where the magic happens. The Campus is 35 acres comprised of mini demonstrations including, Biodynamic processes, vermi-composting, edible landscapes, rain water collection, habitat restoration, land conservation, Zen Permaculture Orchard, Memorial Garden, California Native Pollinator Garden, beehives, ree range chickens, goats, sheep, horses, bunny, recycling systems, DIY Greenhouses, and it is also the home of the FGF Farmstand, Classroom, and washing/packing facilities.

Donation Based Model

NO PRICE TAGS. All of the produce grown on FGF’s Farm is sold on a Donation Basis Model providing the opportunity for socially disadvantaged individuals a means to purchase healthy foods at reasonable prices to avoid scrutiny of their circumstances and preserve a sense of dignity.

Youth & Adult Education Programs

We offer a variety of interactive Youth & Adult Education Programs designed to connect our community with their food system and environment.

Livestock Rescues

Many of the animals on the FGF Campus are Livestock Rescues that spend most of their time now getting ear scratches, back rubs, organic veggies, and free range pasture.