Long Term Projects

Pictured below are our main long term projects at FGF. Through your donations you help us fund our Donation-Based Retail Model and aid in educating people through our Youth Education programs, our Farmer Incubator Program and our Special Education program.


Donation-Based Retail Model

NO PRICE TAGS. All of the produce grown on FGF’s Farm is sold on a Donation Basis Model providing the opportunity for socially disadvantaged individuals a means to purchase healthy foods at reasonable prices to avoid scrutiny of their circumstances and preserve a sense of dignity.

Youth Educaiton

We offer a variety of interactive Youth & Adult Education Programs designed to connect our community with their food system and environment.

Incubator Program

Our Farmer Incubator Program nurtures the next generation of producers, including young adults and US Veterans, who will address food security issues, contribute to habitat and land conservation, and bring more of our country’s land into production.​

Special Education

We are inclusive. We think that a healthy connection to the earth we farm, the food we eat and the lives we live is important for everybody. We are happy to welcome various special needs groups into our farmily.

Fund a Project
Fund a Greenhouse

We are quickly out growing our our small DIY greenhouse at our campus and we are trying to gain funds to build a bigger one to support our FGF Farm Plot and our increasing Incubators. With your donations we have the opportunity to purchase and gather supplies to make our larger greenhouse come to life!

Zen Permaculture Orchard

Fall 2014 we installed our Zen Permaculture Orchard. We are utilizing more permaculture techniques in that garden which include companion planting and utilizing the plants in a way that will benefit all organisms in the system. With any donations we can purchase the plants and materials necessary to create a beautiful and calming Zen space!

Livestock Rescue

With our increasing number of rescues on the farm we are needing more space and supplies for them to be as happy and healthy as possible. With your help we can get the items necessary to give our animals the best treatment we possibly can!

If you would like to fund a specific project please contact us