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2016 FGF Youth Education

2016 Summer Camp @ a glance

Our first ever Summer Camp was a great success! During our 8-week camp we had 90 kids come on to our campus for fun, interactive education! We were able to provide 6 scholarships to some incredible kids!​ ​The feedback from parents and community has been positive and encouraging. Parents and little farmers can expect season after season of summer camps packed with interactive, outdoor, educational, fun!

Here is a letter from a summer camp parent whose child received a scholarship to enroll in our 2016 program:

"Good morning,

First and foremost, I'd like to thank you for being such an amazing organization. We first heard of you at our local Brentwood Farmer's Market and my daughter instantly fell in love. We were so taken aback by your philosophy- "Take what you need, Pay what you can". My daughter and my 3-year-old son were so excited to receive their Bell Pepper plants at the farmers market and we immediately planted them in our backyard. I was especially impressed by the way Chris and his fellow colleagues talked to my kids. They were so patient, and knowledgeable. It was evident that they have a genuine love for their craft and for instilling that love in the hearts of others.My daughter begged us to sign her up for camp. This was unlike her, as she has never been so insistent on participating in any kind of camp like activity! Her level of excitement propelled us to make a financial stretch to sign her up. Knowing that she would have an experience of a lifetime, we knew it would be well worth it!

I am an elementary teacher, and do not get paid during the summer months. We have our summer savings just at the right budget to cover our living expenses. Signing her up for the Farming and Gardening Camp was quite a sacrifice for us as a family of four. Nevertheless, it was priceless to see how excited she was to come home every day SO excited about the work she was doing. After picking her up on the first day, she exclaimed, "This was the BEST DAY EVER!!!" Not only did my daughter have an amazing learning experience, she came back with a new love for farming and a better understanding and appreciation for the food that we eat. This is something that I, as a parent and educator, feel was an experience that will forever remain in her heart and mind! Thank you for instilling this special love in my daughter’s heart.

My daughter came home that last day of camp wishing she could go back and have the opportunity to be a part of this fantastic program again. She had such a memorable experience and learned so much! She begged us to sign her up again. As mentioned before, our budget is very limited due to my summer payroll as a teacher. If she were to be awarded this special scholarship for the last week of camp, it would mean the world to us!

Thank you for taking the time to read my email. We are strong supporters of your work and philosophy of making fresh food available to everyone. We are so grateful for what you are doing and have recommended your organization to all of our family and friends! It is our hope that more farms are inspired to open their doors the way you have."

-Parent of an FGF Summer Camper

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