Christian Olesen

Head Farmer

This family man co-founded our organization and is in charge of farming operations as Head Farmer for FGF. Christian has established our broad menu of produce appreciated by chefs, farmer’s market visitors and the local community. A background in music production and entrepreneurship as well as his interest in the intersection of marketing and food has shaped many steps of FGF. Christian's healthy laugh, solid overalls and good Diesel Cummings keep FGF rolling.

Alli Cecchini

Executive Director

Niki Fernandes

Special Ed Director

Niki has been part of the Farmily from the beginning and is in charge of the weekly farmers markets and oversees our work with special needs groups. A strong sense of community and love for fresh produce and sharing makes Niki the best ambassador FGF could ask for. Niki is well known around the Bay Area's farmers markets for a steady smile, the best beets n’ kale and generous hugs.

Chris Wyse

Education Coordinator

Chris lives in a wonderful rolling tiny home and is the first man on his feet every morning. He coordinates the FGF Education Programs and oversees the After School Farm Program, field trips, Interactive Kids Zones and all youth related educational farming experiences at FGF. A strong background in youth psychology as well as permaculture landscaping and every tool in your garage, he sets the pace in education and home improvement at FGF. A man with many hats.

Ellie VanHof

Incubator & Staff

Ellie is in her second year of the FGF Incubator Farmer Program and will be growing fresh cut flowers to create her unique bouquets. As a 4th generation farmer from Rhode Island, Ellie brings a wealth of experience and passion to FGF. Agriculture is in her blood, so FGF is a great outlet for her to run with ideas and create a change in agriculture. Her bouquets will be available at the local markets, the Farm Stand, and can be made for special orders. We promise they are worth every penny!

Kenny Crout

Incubator & Staff

Kenny loves himself some hot pickled peppers, a cold beer and some Biggie Smalls. Kenny left his home in Detroit in 2014 to explore the vast United States. While on the road it became Kenny's mission to grow his own food. Everyday he is learning something new which keeps him coming back to FGF time and time again and this time to stay as an incubator farmer providing the community with cherry tomatoes and the best hot sauce you could eat this side of the Mississippi.

Ari Romero

Incubator & Staff

Ari has been with FGF for the better part of the last two years and has contributed to all growth and change with great joy, energy and fresh haircuts. After growing up in Wisconsin he ventured out west after realizing how disconnected society has become from the environment and fresh food access. After focusing on composting systems, organic matter and soil amendments at FGF, Ari is growing melons and herbs as an incubator farmer to serve the demands of markets, restaurants and the community.

Jose Ortega

Incubator/ US Veteran

Jose is a man of warm smiles and firm handshakes. After serving in the Air Force and working in IT, Jose joined FGF as the first veteran intern in 2015, a joint project of FGF and the Farmer Veteran Coalition. While moving from IT to farming, Jose spent six months at the Agro Ecology Center and Sustainable Food Systems at UC Santa Cruz. After his internship at FGF, Jose is now in his first year of the FGF 3-yr incubator program. He will be growing lettuce for schools, markets and restaurants.

Barb & Bob

Board of Directors

Barbara & Bob have been farming forever and know everything there is to know about farming. Retiring from full-time farming operations they enjoy the opportunity to pass on farming knowledge to the next generation. Both are involved in many aspects of FGF as mentors, educators, and commentators, always sharing and learning. And yes, Barbara is the Chicken Lady.

Julian Erggelet

Board of Directors

Angel Ayon

Board of Directors

Sam Tobis

Board of Directors